If You Can’t Beat Them…

… join them!

Welcome to my blog!  This has been a long time coming.  But then, much of what I do tends to be a long time coming!  It’s not that I work slowly – it’s just that I like to think things through, to cogitate and to take considered steps.

I guess I’ve also been influenced by reading so many other blogs – some brilliant, some less so (names withheld to protect the guilty!)

The brilliant bloggers – and I will be pointing to some of them in future episodes – have rather overawed me.  Many have managed to say what I might have said in ways that were far more amusing, erudite and downright readable than I might be capable of.  I’ve been content to be passive, a reader and consumer.  What could I possibly add?

The bad bloggers – and I’m sure you can think of a few – have also put me off the whole business.  The world already has its fair share of self-absorbed, opinionated waffle.  I certainly didn’t want to add to the overload.  Too much noise, not enough signal.

So why start now?  Well, quite simply, there’s a lot going on.  I’ve got all sorts of exciting (to me, at least) plans in the pipeline and I’d like to share them with you.  One of the great things that this whole internet malarky has done is enable creative types to enter into more of a dialogue with other creative people and with audiences both established and potential.  It means that work can be shared as a process, rather than as something which appears to materialise, fixed in stone, out of nowhere.  I find that rather exciting!

I’m also starting blogging because there are some things I want to touch on which either aren’t being said elsewhere or, if they are being discussed, are subjects close to my heart on which I feel experience qualifies me to comment.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me.

Here’s to more signal, less noise!