Bradford Early Years

Earlier this year, I worked in some Early Years settings in Bradford. You can read a little bit more about this most rewarding project on the website of Yorkshire Youth & Music – a fabulous organisation who are just great at setting up these kind of projects right where they’re needed most!

Top 10

Friends over at Drake Music have been working closely with Music Hubs and Special Schools in the South East and East of England regions.  They have identified a number of issues relating to the provision of music in Special Educational Needs and/or Disability (SEN/D) settings.  You can read all about it in this blog post:

Top 10 SEN/D Music Needs

I’m sure that these are all factors which will be recognised by anybody working in, or with responsibility for, SEN/D music provision.  As you might expect, points 2 and 8 resonated particularly with me.  As I said in my response to Drake Music findings:

“This is such an important area as time and time again we see the extraordinary value that technology can add in facilitating music-making that is creativeaccessible and interactive.  However, it can be a confusing field to navigate as there are so many options and those options are constantly evolving with ever-increasing rapidity.  What teachers need – in addition to the basic nuts-and-bolts knowledge of what to plug in where and which button to press – are the higher level, transferable skills and, most importantly, a sense of how to weave technology into broader, longer-term musical progression.”

If this is an area of work that concerns you, please do take a look at:

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